Popular Tech Companies Thriving Female Employees

Gender equality is a big phenomenon in today’s world because of women taking over the organizations more. It is believed mostly that men are the ones who can take over the big industries and women may not prove to be effective as leaders. Well, there are few tech companies which are thriving because of women and setting a huge example globally. Everyone should be a part of tech companies whether it is the female or male because you will find tech everywhere nowadays.

There is a lot of work to manage and not only the men but females can manage some of the aspects very well too. It is upon the schedules and need of the company who require skills which are only possessed by the females at the working environment. Nowadays, workplaces are known to be diversified and there is no shame in that. There are more companies who are seeing diversity as the benefit for the workplace. Women show that they are the best fit for the company and work towards it with their complete effort. Here are some of the tech companies which thrive women working in them.


The tech world recognized IBM as the easy outlook for the business which brings in diversity. It is not only the diversity which compels the company to hire females but it can be an input for the success of the economy. The priority of the company is to keep the appearance normal for the companies. It won the Momentum award as one of the opt companies for the women tech world. Their mission and clear policies have taken over the world by making it visible why it is at the top until today.

The leave policy for the females includes 20 weeks maternity leave which is paid for them. If they want to take offs for someone else like spouse, father, mother or children, they have a chance for 12 weeks paid offs. There is reimbursement for the couples up to $20,000 by the company who are planning for the baby. When the mother gets back to work, there are benefits to give time off to pick the children from school, have a doctor appointment or any other special event which may invoke the duty of the parent towards the kid.

The mothers who are nursing get the sources from the company such as milk products or the trips on behalf of the company to keep them relaxed. It also reimburses up to $50,000 for the child to deal with their services.


When we talk about workplace gender equality, the first company which comes to mind is the Accenture. It is the top management consulting firm which is there for professional services. There are 50 percent males and females working in the company equally. They both have equal rights and the benefits are not compromised as well. The company helps the senior women to have advanced for the roles they are in. it is a great human environment for any female to get started with the work and feel comfortable. It helps the tech women to balance their personal and work life both easily with helping them throughout.


To manage the customer in the best way, Salesforce is the best company which is based in Sans Francisco. It is based upon diversity and the inclusion which has the core value of the company. The main contributor to the company’s success is the percentage of a female which it contains. It drives more energy to the company along with bringing new input into the market. Because of diversity, the mission’s stays on focus and people are able to do the work diligently. With the strong commitment towards work, there are gaps which need to be identified. They are significantly growing numbers of effort which is required to fill each position in this company. The equality at work is amazing when there is one out of five candidates is the female who gets interviewed for the opened position.


An advertising company online which is based in New York City expanding in different regions of America. The paradigm of the workforce is diverse when there are many companies which are directly related to it. It works towards innovation and retention for talent which they are able to find more in the females. The partnership with the company is through girls who code company which brings in new talent and spreads knowledge effortlessly. It hosts the programs like women in leadership every year to recognize the effort of the females within the tech world and how it brings a massive change in the profits each year. It is unbiased whether it is the black, white or Latino which gets hired within this company, all of them get their rights and recognition for their effort.