For a long time, tech has been a predominantly male industry. Even though more women are showing interest in Tech, the gender gaps are appalling. 37% of all computer-science graduates were women in i984. Today, that number has dropped to 18%. Only 26% and 16% of all workers in the digital and IT industries, respectively, are women. Alarming, right?

According to the U.S Department of Labour projects, there will be 1.4 million new computer specialist openings by 2020. Women are expected to fill half of these openings for the following reasons.

Why more women are needed in tech

Some people are of the opinion that hiring women in tech in primarily a PR effort and that it can be damaging to productivity. However, that is not true. Did you know that companies with strong female leaders had a 36.4% greater return in equity in five and a half years compared to companies who had no women in leadership positions? That said, here’s why it is essential to close the gender gap in tech:

More tech talent is needed

The demand for the talent grows by the day, for instance, increased cyber-attacks calls for the development of better a VPN certificate. The talent gap can be bridged by attracting more females to the industry, which will, in turn, make countries more competitive on a global scale.

Lack of tech-driven innovation

There is a need for better innovation in female-oriented products such as ovulation tracking tools or apps. Though some of these products are available, they lack essential features primarily because they were developed in a male-dominated industry that cannot relate to feminine issues.

Tapping into large economic forces

The global population of women is more than that of men, and this means that the spending rate of women is higher than that of men.  In the U.S alone, women spend $4.3 trillion of the $5.9 trillion spent by consumers. Having women in tech can help tap into this large economic force by developing women-centered tech that could take future tech industries to the next level.

Promoting diversity of thoughts

A diverse workforce that has people from different genders, races, and ethnicities can lead to better innovation and better problem-solving. Attaining gender balance in tech can bring in far-reaching benefits such as increased innovation.

Gender balance in tech can be achieved by introducing women to technology at an early age and creating awareness an encouragement through local organizations.