Technology companies have struggled to attract women professionals following bad and unfavorable recruitment activities. A lot of the conversations concerning the women lack in the technology market tend to focus on instances and cases which have been seen in the recent past concerning recruitment struggles. Following the alienation of the girls who have studied technology-related careers in job recruitment, most of them are moving to the STEM-related fields and professions. There are several ways in which companies have forced the ladies to move elsewhere and abandon the technology firms today.

1.    Recruitment of Candidates During on-Campus Information Sessions

How technology companies tend to recruit their candidates during the information sessions in campuses is one of the ways ladies get disinterested in their jobs. While the job opportunities which are sent to universities to look for potential candidates are open to both gender, it has been realized that most technology companies have failed to draw women into the opportunities and intentionally try to push them even further away.

In such schools, therefore, ladies who are almost graduating with careers related to technology such as engineering, computer science as well as other quantitative honors tends to be deterred from the technology jobs.

2.    Discussions of Topics Which Tend to Exclude Women Intentionally

When they are conducting their recruitment, the presenters of the job opportunities or instead the recruiters tend to only sign on the highly technical job opportunities. Similarly, they tend to refer to the experience of the high school concerning the jobs and only handle the hard aspects of the task. In most cases, such elements are not women-friendly and tend to make ladies with the same qualifications to lose hope and give up in the search for such job opportunities.

3.    Social and Gender Exclusions and Depiction

Another red flag that makes women fear such jobs even if they have the qualifications is the use of unfavorable and exclusion pictures on the job postings. For instance, the use of images of men doing some manual labor, which is technical in the field, tends to make the ladies retreat. The culture of certain ladies based on where they come from often excludes them from hard labor. They perceive such works as those belonging to the males.

Therefore, by showing them on the job postings or discussions that the job is much related to what they cannot do, it like making them tells you to go with it. This has also made most ladies with the technology career qualifications fear the jobs and do other things instead.

4.    Gender Imbalance

Most companies tend to use gender stereotypes to bar female technology professionals from joining their companies during recruitments. The individual resource departments of such companies which are responsible for the recruitments tend to use gendered actions and speeches while recruiting that pushes the females away from the jobs.

With the addition or the excess use of such language in the interviews and even presentations, the female candidates tend to depreciate in interest right at the recruitment point even before they get the job itself. They tend to perceive that the job environment is even worse if that can happen at the recruitment point.

5.    Making of Inappropriate Jokes

it has been realized that, during presentations done at the recruitment point, most of the male presenters tend to use some jokes which are not preferable to the female candidates in the technology field. Some even use foul languages such as prostitution and pornography hence demoralizing the females from being interested in the jobs.

The presenters who are not prepared with the contents to deliver and that who is seeking to alienate the ladies candidates typically use languages which are not accepted ethically by the ladies. In this case, if the presentations such as these are done, it is evident always that the female candidates will ask a reduced number of questions as compared to the male counterparts. This typically shows that the session is not as favorable to the ladies as it is for the male colleagues.

6.    Exempting Females from the Recruitment Team

Another significant way in which technology companies tend to alienate the female professionals in the sector is by using only the males in the process of recruitment. In most tech firms, they do not allow the females to present the most technical aspects of the job opportunity hence making them limited and showing the female candidates that they are incapable of. The females are only left to speak about the culture of the company instead of being given time to speak several technical points which they are skilled in.

The Bottom Line

Technology companies do alienate female technology professionals from applying and taking part in the recruitment process. They have been successful in doing this, hence the small number of female workers in the technology industry. With the utilization of the above tricks, the companies have significantly bared, female [professionals from joining their team of qualified staff.